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NCEA students - important message

If you are contacting the University regarding your NCEA results, please be advised that once the results are available to the University, the assessment of your application will begin and decisions will be made as soon as possible. Please continue to check your online Application for Admission for updates.

How to check your application status

All you need to do is sign into your Application for Admission. A summary page will appear that shows the status of your application(s).

CIE (taken in NZ) students - important message

  • 2015 CIE (taken in NZ) results have been made available to the University.
  • We have begun assessing applications and will make decisions as soon as possible.
  • It is important to note that decisions about some programmes may be made earlier than others.
  • Please continue to check your online Application for Admission for updates.

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Apply to change your programme

To change your programme at The University of Auckland, you simply apply for the new one online.

If you receive and accept an offer of place for the new programme, you should withdraw from your current programme by visiting your Faculty student centre.

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Video tutorial: How to apply to change your programme

Apply to change your plan

If you want to change your plan (major, minor or specialisation) but not your programme (degree, diploma or certificate), please visit your Faculty student centre.